App Store and the App shop


Apple Inc created App Store as a service for their iPhone and iPod Touch, basically it is a service using which, a user can browse and download any application from the iTunes Store. Sometimes, the App Store is also referred to as the app shop. These applications are always developed using iPhone SDK (Software Development Kit) and Apple publishes them. Some applications need to be purchased and some are available free of cost in the app shop. Any iPhone or iTouch device can directly download any application.


Apart from an independent App Store you may also find an app shop within iTunes. Earlier Apple said that App Store won’t be able to generate a decent amount of profitable marketplace, but then Piper Jeffrey stated that the app shop can bring revenues of more than $1 billion USD per year. 70% of the revenue earned by the App Store or the app shop goes the app seller and remaining 30% goes to the Apple Inc.


App Store witnessed its opening on July 10, 2008, but it was just as an iTunes update. Even at that time, the immediate download of applications was available. But until July 10, 2008 the software version 2.0 for iPod touch and iPhone was unavailable and hence till that day it wasn’t possible to download any of the application, but then on July 11, 2008 the software version 2.0 was released and all the updated devices were able to download the applications.


As a matter of fact, up to March 17, 2009 more than 25,000 applications from third party were available officially for the iPod Touch and iPhone on the App Store. You can also access app shop from your iPod Touch or iPhone device via an application named as App Store itself. Also, the term app shop, app store and the services App Store should not be confused or used in replacement to Apple Store.

It was on July 10, 2008 that app shop was launched and on the same day USA Today was informed by Steve Jobs (Apple CEO) that the number of third party application for iPod Touch and iPhones was 500. Out of these available 500, 125 were available for free.


But things have changed over time, and now Apple is eyeing the one billionth download, making the App store a grand success.






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